ITM Alexander Technique
with Jenny Steele

"The Alexander Technique doesn't give you something new to do. It teaches you how to bring more practical intelligence into what you are already doing; how to eliminate stereotyped responses; how to deal with habit and change"
Frank Pierce Jones - Freedom to Change

How does it work?

Sometimes we have to take a look at the way in which we go about doing our everyday activities because the cause of our problems can sometimes be very much of our own making. Maybe we use too much effort or effort in the wrong place ('misdirected' was the word Alexander used) and this can get us into all sorts of difficulties.

How does it work? #01

The good news is that it's possible to change. It can be surprisingly simple to change.

In your first lesson you will begin to see that just by making a different decision about how to move, you can start to make a very real difference. What's more, you begin to see how you can apply this for yourself in your everyday activities.

How does it work? #02

Take a moment to think ....................

what would your life be like if, during the course of your everyday activities you used only just as much effort as was required and no more? Could there be something about the way in which you go about doing your activities that is causing the problem?

“The Alexander Technique can help you with both unwanted ‘medical-like’ symptoms and diminished quality of performance when your problems are being caused by interference that you yourself are creating.”*

*1 Reach Your Dreams - Donald L. Weed, DC. ITM Publications. 2012

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