ITM Alexander Technique
with Jenny Steele

As an ITM Alexander Technique teacher I am trained to give both individual and group lessons.

Group lessons

Having a lesson in a small group is a great way to learn Alexander's work. Observing others having a lesson and interacting with their questions seems to bring about an accelerated way of learning this work for yourself. Many people report that being in a group is not only more fun, but watching a lesson is often as good as having one yourself.

Sharing a lesson with a friend or partner is a great way to start. Or you could join a small introductory class of 3 or 4 people for a course of lessons.

Group lessons are charged at £20 per person.
Duration of lesson:
2 people - 1 hour
3 or 4 people - up to 1 hour 20 minutes

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One-to-one lessons

If you are more comfortable having a lesson on your own, an individual lesson can give you time to explore your questions and ideas and give the opportunity to work on your chosen activity in more depth.

All classes take place in an informal and relaxed way.If you're not sure which is best for you, an introductory session can give the opportunity to talk through which approach is best for you. Alternatively, I run occasional group introductory sessions. Details of these sessions are posted on the website.

Individual lessons are charged at £35.
Duration of lesson: usually around 35 minutes

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Payment accepted by card or BACS only.

What happens in a lesson?

We’ll explore an activity chosen by you. To start with this can be something quite simple, like sitting in a chair, standing or walking. I’ll combine discussion and questions together with a form of gentle manipulation as we explore your ideas about what you have to ‘do’ to perform a certain task.

We can also look at more specialised activities like playing a musical instrument, swinging a golf club, using a computer, even throwing a Frisbee or hanging washing on the line! In fact, any activity that you do in everyday life.

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Do I need to wear special clothing?

No, just wear something in which you feel comfortable that allows you to carry out your chosen activity in your lesson.

How many lessons will I need?

This is very much a personal choice and it depends on how far you’d like to take your knowledge and application of the work. Initially, I'd recommend a series of 10 lessons which will give you a basic foundation and knowledge of Alexander’s technique.

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